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Fairway Lady Ltd at Golf 109

Duca Del Cosma Tomcat

Duca Del Cosma Tomcat

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Duca Del Cosma Tomcat Golf Shoes
Premium Italian Quality With Expert Crafting

The athletic profile of the Tomcat will certainly look the sporty part, on and off the course.

Mostly constructed with recyclable or recycled materials, the Tomcat stays true to Duca’s environmentally conscious commitment. It’s comfortable, waterproof, and oozing style so you’re sure to hit the ball out of the park wearing these. With Airplay XII, this is an innovative outsole from Duca, with every detail carefully considered. The B-Light rubber outsole includes 2-way twist triangle nubs, both conical and cube-shaped on the pivot point of the foot to ensure a firm posture with optimal grip, traction and stability.

For a more modern, off-course look, the Tomcat shoes are stylish and offer exceptional performance for your game.

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