Collection: Scotty Cameron

With the new 2024 Phantom line, and based on Tour player

input, Scotty focused on designing
shapes built around alignment systems that help players easily and correctly align the putter for
greater confidence at address and during the putting stroke.

In addition to the alignment-
promoting design of each putter’s outline, special consideration was given to the type of
alignment cues built into each Phantom. Throughout the lineup, from elegantly milled sight dots
to mechanically straight and even arrow-shaped sight lines, players are presented with a variety of visual cues that have been specifically crafted per each model to give the player the best pre-
putt look at the target line toward the hole

  • Scotty Cameron 5

  • Scotty Cameron 5.5

  • Scotty Cameron 7

  • Scotty Cameron 7.5

  • Scotty Cameron 9.0

  • Scotty Cameron 9.5