We are proud to have been an Authorised Fitting Centre for Ping for many years and here at Golf 109 we use the Ping Advanced Fitting System (AFS) since the founder of the Ping Company Karsten Solheim pioneered custom fitting in the 1960's we are proud to follow his philosophies that have been refined through to present day. Each step of the custom fitting experience is designed to find you the golfer the best set make up possible to help make your game better, lower your scores and more enjoyable.

Static Fitting

Taking your height and wrist to floor measurements we establish a starting point for the correct length and lie angle of the club. The correct size of grip is also taken into consideration at this point.

Dynamic Fitting

Posture and swing take over at this point, we are looking for a consistent strike pattern on both the face and the sole, making the necessary adjustments as we go, everyone swings the club differently so the correct combination of shaft/lie angle and length needs to fit each individual.


Trackman Technology

We will share all of the information collected throughout the fitting and compare to your own clubs or other brands if required, so you can be sure that you are purchasing the best clubs for you.