Why not? Golf Simulators open up a Virtual Gateway to the worlds most prestigious courses, including Pebble Beach, Innisbrook, Muirfield Village, Albany, PGA National and the four legendary St Andrews Links courses, to name just a few.

Discover a whole new way of playing golf, whether it be a night indoors with the lads, a coffee morning with the girls, a network meeting with the office or simply some family fun, we have it covered in our new Indoor Facility.

We offer two options of Simulator Trackman and Golfzon as detailed below.

We offer light refreshments but if you require something different it can be accommodated just get in touch.

We have a small variety of children's toys and baby changing facilities so we hope to create an environment where golf can grow from the cradle to the grave and be enjoyed at every level.


Golfzon is a total golf culture company, providing integrated services in all areas of enhancing, enjoying, and the sharing of golf. Along with its chosen partners, its mission is to make golf more enjoyable for everyone. At Golfzon, we’re growing the popularity of golf through all of our products, services and technology.

Golfzon’s simulators have made the playing of indoor “screen golf” a sensation in South Korea. Young people are flocking to the game, and Golfzon cafés have become social hubs and after-hours meeting points for workers of all ages. Statistics show that approximately 50 million people around the world are playing screen golf at least once a year.


Equipped with Auto Tee-up and wide plate, the Moving Swing Plate allows players to hit shots anywhere on the multi-surface hitting mats. The Moving Swing Plate accommodates 360 degrees of directional movement to provide real-world play by simulating course slopes from tee box to the putting green.


Three types of hitting mats, each portraying fairway, rough, and sand bunker conditions provide a realistic simulation of a real golf course.


GOLFZON Auto Tee-up automatically collects and dispenses golf balls for each shot. Tee heights are adjustable so that it can be positioned at the right height for player’s shots every time.


Swing Replay allows you to see your swing replay videos while playing a round and your best swing of the day is transmitted automatically to your online profile. You can also see other people’s swing replay videos online (Web & Mobile App). Also, you can check your scorecards and statistics online(Web & Mobile App). Compare and share your score, distance, and other shot data with your friends.


Proven reliability and quality of Golfzon’s technology, the (W)GTOUR Championship, The World’s 1st simulation golf tournament, has broadcasted live on JTBC Golf Channel and Screen Golfzon Channel, Golfzon's own broadcasting channel, in South Korea since its launch in 2012.


Golfzon Vision and Golfzon Driving Range (GDR) platform and industry-leading technologies have been chosen as the ‘Official Training Simulators’ of the National Golf Teams of Korea, China, Taiwan and Spain. Recognitions Golfzon are honoured and humbled by.


Just a small selection of our award winning, innovative golf simulator features and technologies. We’re taking fresh ideas and developing new technologies for the golf industry so that golfers all around the world can experience an exciting new era in the game.

Moving swing plate – realising undulations as they are.

Multi-surface hitting mats.

Smart auto tee-up – no need to bend over.

No timing delay, real-time ball flight.

Over 200 of the world’s best courses.

Continuous new course updates at no extra cost.

Never play alone – connect & share with other players.

Up to 6 players can play a round together.

Junior Tee-Box – play the same course together and evenly.

Record, save and share all your best shots.

Check your swing with the swing replay function.

What to expect when you book our Golfzon simulator?

You get exclusive access to the entire facility!!

As a guideline for 2 people allow 2 hours to play 18 holes. 3 - 4 people allow 3 hours.

A Golfzon simulator can be booked for up to 6 people.

Daytime until 6pm

2 Players
1 hour £12.50 Per person
2 hours £22.00 Per person
3 hours £30.00 Per person
4 hours £40.00 Per person
3 Players
1 hour £11.00 Per person
2 hours £18.00 Per person
3 hours £28.00 Per person
4 hours £38.00 Per person
4 Players
1 hour £10.00 Per person
2 hours £17.00 Per person
3 hours £26.00 Per person
4 hours £35.00 Per person

Evenings from 6pm

2 Players
1 hour £15.00 Per person
2 hours £25.00 Per person
3 hours £35.00 Per person
4 hours £45.00 Per person
3 Players
1 hour £15.00 Per person
2 hours £25.00 Per person
3 hours £34.00 Per person
4 hours £42.00 Per person
4 Players
1 hour £12.50 Per person
2 hours £20.00 Per person
3 hours £29.00 Per person
4 hours £38.00 Per person
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