We specialise in custom fitting clubs for Titleist, Ping, Callaway and Mizuno.

We also measure our junior customers for US Kids and Ping.

Each company has their own unique fitting guidelines, which are incorporated in each fitting we undertake.

We carry extensive range of shaft options to suit every golfer.

For all our fittings we use Trackman 4, the feedback will be shared with you throughout the fitting.


What will I see? The short answer, pretty much everything. Slow or fast, it’s covered with incredible accuracy. The TrackMan 4 can pinpoint with fantastic precision, the landing position of a 300-yard drive and the roll of a putt too. It also maps the shot’s 3D trajectory in real time, together with all impact and launch data. The TrackMan Performance Studio gives the sharpest, cleanest experience possible. Indoor and outdoor, it analyzes your swing for perfect fitting.

TrackMan software delivers astounding shot analysis. It uses radar, camera and video to show with pinpoint precision actionable data of where to improve.

TrackMan 4 measures cause and effect with certainty, even when the unit is positioned directly behind the player. Every little detail is captured including the exact impact location on the club face. With 30+ data points, and full ball-flight tracking, it’s complete knowledge. It’s complete accuracy.

We can’t control the weather, but we can normalize your golf shot. We’ll use the actual data from the initial ball flight to calculate the trajectory, factoring out wind, rain and other influences on final landing position to give you clarity on your shot. That’s something to be calm about.


Being both a Vokey Fitting Centre and Cameron Showcase it is of paramount importance that we ensure every effort is taken to fit both Wedges and Putters.

Trackman Technology Stands alone in this area and has the versatility to measure all aspects of your short game, validating feel through market-leading technology and actionable data.

Wedge or putt, we cover every parameter on and near the green.


We have been fitting clubs for over twenty years. In the past we have fitted for Nike, Taylor Made, Srixon and Wilson to name but a few.

We have a wealth of experience from working with so many manufacturers and many types of golfer. The amount of training and changes that we have encountered within the industry is immense and only enhances our ability to fit. We have spent the last ten years studying all aspects of club fitting.

Club fitting has become a passion and something we enjoy, we do not have massive overheads therefore we are not always out to hard sell the latest clubs on the market.

We understand that everyone has different budgets, that a persons game can be changed by upgrading their clubs. With the information gathered from our fitting session we will demonstrate and give you options. We will help you find the perfect fit, whether that be the latest models, older models or used clubs. It is our belief that by having this approach the game of golf and the quality of golf played will grow and improve.


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