Titleist TS3 Golf Hybrid

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Titleist TS3 Golf Hybrid
Precise Control With Outstanding Distance

Born from the Titleist Speed Project, TS3 Hybrid represents a new standard in hybrid performance. In a word, these things just GO. They look great, feel amazing, and explode through the ball with a lively Tour-preferred sound.

TS3 is a fast-launching iron replacement designed to produce outstanding distance and control for stronger players who hit down on the ball. With lofts from 19*-25*, you can choose the correct configuration to match your irons and woods for the ultimate in distance gaping.

Technologies include an ultra-thin crown that allows weight to be shifted lower and deeper. A 16% thinner face that delivers faster ball speeds and increased forgiveness and a refined crown and face thicknesses that create the lowest CG ever for higher launch and lower spin.

TS3 offers an adjustable sweet spot for speed-tuned performance. Featuring specialised speed, TS3 comes with SureFit CG Technology that allows the CG to be moved from a back, heel position to a forward, toe position through interchangeable weights, optimising spin and launch conditions for every player. Coupled with the SureFit Hosel, the driver offers 16 independent loft and lie settings, allowing you to create a more consistent and optimised ball flight through precision adjustment.

To finish the club, the TS3 Hybrid comes fitted as standard with a choice of 3 premium shaft options which characteristics to suit every type of player.