Scotty Cameron Concept X CX - 02 Golf Putter

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Scotty Cameron Concept X CX-02 Putter

Pushing his Concept X putter designs in a new direction gave Scotty the freedom to experiment not only with materials, setup and finish, but also with vibration dampening, MOI and neck configurations. The CX-02 is configured with a new low slant Joint Neck that promotes additional toe flow, while also allowing for more weight to be moved to the putter’s perimeter for higher MOI.

Scotty’s multi-material methodology of mixing 6061 aircraft grade aluminum components with stainless steel led to the creation of new dual-zone vibration dampening chambers. Additionally, each Concept X model incorporates four-way sole balancing technology for perfect setup and alignment at address. An anti-glare Stealth Gray finish and a new gray Pistolero grip rounds out an offering designed for the ultimate putting experience.

Dual-Zone Vibration Dampening

The aluminum face insert and sole plate components have been separated into two chambers by a band of stainless steel and engineered with vibration dampening material to offer precisely tuned sound and feel.

Joint Neck Configuration

Combining the offset and performance of a plumbing neck with an innovative weight-saving design, the milled stainless steel “nuckle” is fused to the lower portion of the shaft allowing for weight to be redistributed to the wings for higher MOI.